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On 15-17 March, EXPO XXI in Warsaw was the venue of the 30th International Trade Show   LIGHT 2023 and the 20th International Trade Show ELECTRICITY 2023.

The International Trade Show Light and the International Trade Show Electricity are one                        of the most important events – not only in Poland but also in Europe – aimed at presenting  products, technologies, innovations in the broadly interpreted area of lighting, electrical engineering, automation, telecommunications engineering and new technologies.


237 exhibitors, rich programme of accompanying events such as workshops, discussion panels and industry-related consultations, as well as exhibitions and shows for visitors – the edition that has just ended not only proved that the trade shows came back in an excellent form but also are the most important place for meetings of representatives of the industry and science in the Central and East of Europ.

In spite of the difficult pandemic time and the crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, a unique platform for B2B contacts was organised which presented in very good light both the developing Polish technoligal achievements and the entrepreneurs’ involvement in the development of lighting and electrotechnical sector in Poland.

In summary, this year 30th International Trade Show Light 2023 and 20th International Trade Show Electricity 2023 were very fruitful events which show that the Polish lighting and electrotechnical industry, in spite of global problems, is in a very good condition, with great perspectives for the future, and big possibilities of expansion abroad.

The organisers of Trade Show Light and Trade Show Electricity are sure that the next edition of Trade Shows to be held at the end of January and the beginning of February 2024 will be a next very important event in the industry not only in Poland but also in Europe.

Turn on your thinking about light!

Next edition: 31 January – 2 February 2024, EXPO XXI in Warsaw.
We are looking forward to seeing you