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Competent Designer
Discussion panels and lectures as well with architects and interior designers

Competent Designer. Discussion panels and lectures

The International Trade Show LIGHT is an exhibition of interesting products, advanced technology and extraordinary solutions, but also an excellent opportunity to talk and discuss the role of lighting in architecture, energy efficiency and ecology.

One of the most important points of this year Trade Show consisted of lectures and discussion panels from the “CONSCIOUS DESIGNER” cycle, with its originator being architect Justyna Smolec. This year, the subject matter of both the presentation and the discussion was focused on the issues of energy efficiency and sustainable designing.

Among the invited guests, there were such scientific authorities in the area of architecture as Prof. Ewa Kuryłowicz, Msc. Eng. Doctor habilitated, from Kuryłowicz & Assiociates, or Anna Lorens, MSc. Eng. PhD – a lecturer at the Warsaw University of Technology.


In addition, the event was attended by Anna Chodorowska, Architect from NAAP Architekci, Katarzyna Richter, Doctor of Interior Architecture from the Białystok University of Technology, Grzegorz Goworek, Interior Architect from STUDIO ORGANIC, Iwona Ławecka – Marczewska from DESIGNDOC.PL, Paweł Dylewski from DYLEWSKI | Lighting, Dominik Sitko and Łukasz Prokopiuk from KANLUX , Monika Komalska from YAK and Marcin Majewski from LED LABS

Competent Designer – discussion panels and lectures with architects and interior designers.

Turn on your thinking about light!