Useful information for visitors (FAQ)


The Trade Show takes place at the EXPO XXI Exhibition Center, in Warsaw at 12/14 Prądzyńskiego street.

Arrival Map is available on the website.

Getting there

What is the venue address?

Expo XXI, Prądzyńskiego 12/14 St, 01-222 Warsaw, Poland

Opening hours

What are the visitors' opening hours of LIGHT?

LIGHT is open on March 13th -15th, 2019, 10 am. to 5 pm.


Can I register as a visitor during LIGHT?

Yes, the online registration is open until March 15th, 5pm.

I don't have the printed version of the invitation, but the mobile one. Can I still enter the venue?

Yes, the mobile invitation will be also read by our registering devices.

How many people can use one invitation?

One invitation can be used by one person.

Is the invitation valid for the whole event?

Yes, the invitation is valid March 13th – 15th, 2019.

I don't want to register online but still want to visit LIGHT. What to do?

Please use the cash desks in order to purchase the ticket for the price of 30 PLN.


Is there a cloakroom in the venue?

Yes, there is at least one open cloakroom in the venue for LIGHT visitors.

Is the cloakroom free of charge?

There is a small cloakroom fee.


Is there a venue parking?

Yes, there is, located around the venue, as well as underground.

Is the parking free of charge?

No, there is a parking fee.

I have a parking ticket, where can I pay it?

Parking ticket must be paid at ticket boxes on the fair ground.

Where will I receive the parking invoice?

Invoices for tickets are issued by the company Top Park which is located at the parking exit.

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