Public Spaces Illumination Zone at LIGHT


Meetings of representatives of local government units will be organized as part of the 29th International Trade Show LIGHT. The event will be an integral part of the Public Spaces Illumination Zone.General title of the meetings: “LIGHT and ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING for Local Governments”.

The initiative to organize such a zone came from the environment of local government units that want to acquire the necessary knowledge as well as information needed to carry out planned investments. And there is a lot to be done in this area. Over 70% of Polish cities and towns plan investments in the field of street lighting modernization. Acceleration of actions in this direction is caused not only by high costs, but also by the expected significant increase in energy prices.

The meetings will be organized in cooperation with the Association of Rural Municipalities and the Association of Polish Cities.



The meetings will be devoted to the broadly understood energy economy in the cities and municipalities, and thus to such matters as:

  • street lighting,
  • rural and urban lighting,
  • building lighting,
  • running and developing medium and low voltage networks,
  • ensuring energy supply for the needs of:
    – residential buildings,
    – public buildings,
    – hospitals,
    – shopping centers,
    – municipal transformer stations,
    – insulated building connections and
    – measures and solutions to improve energy efficiency,
  • the use of equipment and systems for obtaining heat and electricity from renewable energy sources (solar, water, wind, geothermal, hydrothermal and aerothermal energy),
  • the use of new technologies (communication, including electric and alternative-powered cars, railway and tramway traction, teletechnical and monitoring systems, healthcare services).




The meetings will include both the plenary part and the training part in smaller groups, as well as a joint award gala in the competition for the Best Illuminated Municipality and City of 2020 and the Best Lighting Investment of 2020.

Training meetings and plenary meetings will have a substantive character and next to theoretical presentations will be combined with interactive demonstrations at the fair. A special lighting zone for public areas will be separated at the market area.

The meetings will be addressed to both representatives of local authorities and people employed in the departments of investment, operation, maintenance and municipal enterprises.

Companies interested in showing their offer at the stand in the Area of Lighting of Public Areas and conducting presentations during meetings, please contact:

Kamilla Walicka; email;; tel.: +48 664 050 976

Presentations during the meetings are only available for the ZONE exhibitors.

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