Smart technologies and design with care for the life’s comfort as a main theme for the 4th edition of Open Interior


Each year, within this space, discussions about the conscious process of creation take place. A creation which brings usability and timeless quality of design – a result of a real need, not art for art or temporary fashion. This time, the leading theme was intelligent home and building automation solutions that are responsible for comfort, safety and energy efficiency of the used spaces. We have invited to cooperation, among others brands such as: Lumines Lighting, Ramko, Klinika Dźwięku, 5senses, Lentex and Anwis.


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As a part of the event, presentations of BMS and HMS solutions were shown. Also, during the Trade Show, computer workshops in the field of building automation were conducted.




– The topic of Open Interior was born from market observation and the growing interest in intelligent solutions. As consumers, we are more and more aware and demanding – more often we focus on good-quality, energy-saving systems that are supposed to improve the comfort of life and ensure adequate security. We want to have such amenities at home, in such spaces we want to work and spend time effectively. On the other hand, I am also aware that the percentage of recipients of intelligent technologies in Poland is still small. The smart home industry is still developing and is still facing many barriers, including mental ones. The dynamic development of this sector means that specialists such as architects, designers and engineers are facing the challenge of acquiring the necessary competences and expanding knowledge in this area – says architect. Justyna Smolec, author of the Open Interior.



The Open Interior is organized every year as part of the international Trade Show Light. The next edition will take place on 3-5 March, 2021 at Expo XXI in Warsaw, Poland.


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