IoT zone at the fairgrounds


As part of the 29th International Trade Show of Lighting Equipment and the 19th International Trade Show of Electric Fittings and Electricity System, a special zone will be created in the fairgrounds, where practical solutions that could be afforded by both cities and small municipalities will be presented.

The zone will provide an opportunity to learn not only about the possibilities of IoT in practice, but also to “touch” specific solutions, try, program, read data and analyze and verify them.

It will include devices and systems related to, among others, such issues as lighting, parking space management, bicycle rental, waste collection, metering of electricity and water consumption, collection of data on air pollution, traffic intensity, etc.


IoT issues will be devoted to training during the meetings of Local Government Units “LIGHT AND ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY for Local Governments” organized jointly with the Union of Rural Communes of the Republic of Poland.

We invite you to cooperation!