LOFT – before and nowadays – creative contest for architects and designers

The subject of the Competition is a loft. It may be an adaptation of an old, existing facility as a loft, or a design of a new facility or a loft-like interior. The function of the facility may be different (residential, commercial, office, etc.)

The Jury expects unconventional loft solutions both in old structures of existing facilities and in new lofts.

An important role in the project is also to play the analysis of the impact of natural, natural and artificial light on the character and space of the loft, creating a loft style or climate.

The competition task is to present the “LOFT – before and nowadays” project. It may be an adaptation of an old facility for a loft or a newly designed loft.

The project may be purely theoretical. It is important to present the course of thought and reasons for further creative design decisions as well as to present the details.

When designing and creating an object or interior, KANLUX lighting solutions should be used, i.e. a luminaire or luminaires with appropriate lighting parameters and decorative values. The type or types of luminaires used are free, with the assumption that they will form a single, coherent whole with the architectural and spatial elements of the loft. They must also meet the requirements of the function for which they are applied.


Polish Association of Lighting Industry

Goczołowie Architekci Studio Autorskie
OVO Grąbczewscy Architekci
Agencja SOMA, organizer of the LIGHT Trade Show


The selection of winners is in the hands of the Competition Jury. It consists of well-known and respected architects, designers and lighting specialists.

Only entries which have not yet been awarded and which are not published in the national and international media and publishing houses can be submitted for the competition.

Previous editions

Seven editions of the competition have already been carried out.

Each of them was held with a different thematic motive.

In total, all editions gathered nearly 150 participants.