LAMP IN GEOMETRIC VISION – we know the finalists!

By the decision of the Competition Committee, three equal Honors and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize were awarded.


AWARD – emblem 032425

The author of the project is Ksenia Makała, a student of the Silesian University of Technology.

Wall lamp “WITRU” is a minimalist form with any opening range, which gives the possibility to increase or decrease the amount of light in the interior. The form of a pleated, fan-shaped paper lampshade allows for easy folding and unfolding, thanks to which we obtain evenly diffused light in the amount we want, the jury appreciated the minimalist and harmonious form and the simplicity of lamp operation.

AWARD – emblem 487653

Team work by students of the Gdańsk University of Technology, Marta Karczewska, Agata Kwiecińska and Julia Zalewska.

The “LIRA” lamp is a geometric form based on the geometry of two semi-circles. It is supposed to be not only a source of light, but also a beautiful sculpture. A hyperbolic paraboloid was made of shiny strings inside each of the elements. The role of light is to emphasize its dynamic form and give the space a warm and mysterious character. The jury appreciated the above advantages of the lamp and awarded it with a distinction.

AWARD – emblem 036903

The author of the work is Adam Szczęsny, representing the Yam Yestt Design studio.

TWT lamp, i.e. Triangle, Roller, Triangle. These three basic geometric shapes make up a table lamp.

TWT is designed to intrigue the youngest and show how interesting and functional objects can be obtained using the simplest shapes. Each of the figures has a different color, which will make them easier to recognize and remember. The jury shares the opinion of the author / author that the lamp has a funny character, it is very cute thanks to its simple shapes and colors and awards this lampwyróżnienie.




III PRIZE – emblem 876543

The author of the work is Justyna Żak from the Justyna Zak Projekt studio.

The “NORGE” lamp refers to simple solutions and messages. The base is set on minimalist forms based on geometric shapes, drawing inspiration from the character and Scandinavian style. The jury awarded the award for the simple and universal nature of the lamp made of beech wood (the stem is equipped with a lampshade holder), a textile handle which is an accent and facilitates hanging the lamp and a glass lampshade. The simple and universal nature of the lamp enables its modification in terms of both material and color.

II PRIZE – emblem 142241

The author of the work is Michał Kondaszewski, a mechanical engineer, student of electrical engineering at the West Pomeranian University of Technology.

The design of the lamp was awarded for the successful inspiration with the aesthetics of the De Stijl group, in particular the chair of the Dutch architect and designer Gerrita Rietvelda – a member of this movement gathering abstract artists representing neoplasticism – a new direction in art, created by Piet Mondrian.

This chair was one of the first manifestations of the De Stijl aesthetic in the form of a three-dimensional object.

The lamp is also a three-dimensional object with different arrangements of geometric forms characterized by the use of vertical and horizontal lines that overlap each other, dividing the planes into squares, rectangles and triangles, and the use of three primary colors: yellow, blue and red, characteristic of the aesthetics of the De Stijl group.

I PRIZE – projectnr 31 / emblem 62515

The award was granted for the simplicity and elegance of the idea of ​​a geometric lamp whose original, geometric shape of a circle can be easily changed to give it a different geometric shape. It is also worth noting that it can be adapted to the environment and the user’s mood.



LAMPA in a geometric vision is a competition for a creative design of a lighting fitting. The subject of the competition work was to design a lighting device in a geometric form. It can be the entire lighting system as well as one luminaire with an innovative function and geometric form.

The official announcement of the results combined with the award ceremony was held on January 27 during the 29th International Light Fair.


Thanks and new edition

Thank you for participating in the competition and congratulations to the winners, the honored ones and all participants. We would like to thank the Sponsor, Kanlux, as well as industry and media partners. We invite you to take part in the next edition of the competition, the topic of which will be published soon on the website.


The competition is organized by the Polish Lighting Industry Association in cooperation with the Agencja SOMA – the organizer of the International Trade Show LIGHT and Silesian architectural studios: Goczołowie Architekci Studio Autorskie and Pracownia OVO Grąbczewscy.


The winners of the competition receive cash prizes.

The works of the winners and finalists are presented at the post-competition exhibition accompanying the International Trade Show of Lighting Equipment LIGHT.

The sponsor and founder of the Awards are lighting companies. In addition to cash prizes, the projects selected by the Jury will be produced in the form of a prototype. The prototype of the awarded design will be prepared and presented at the International Trade Show of Lighting Equipment LIGHT.