Veneto is one of the richest and most famous regions in Italy with a breathtaking capital – Venice. Veneto, after Lombardy, is the second largest area in Italy for lighting producers. At the Trade Show Light, we will be able to experience this extraordinary Italian design, technology and tradition. All thanks to the Luce in Veneto cluster ( – an organization that has been supporting the lighting industry in the region for over 10 years, and it is the Light Fair in Warsaw that has become a place where companies such as or Vetrart, Ferroluce and Siru.

Vetrart ( is a glass factory founded in 1990 by Daniele Bagnar and Alessandra Schiano. The owners are real artists who use an absolutely unique production process, following the tradition of the best Venetian glass masters, making Vertart lighting one of the best examples of the exclusivity of Made in Italy. Creation, handcrafting of each element and unique design – this is the way to perfect glass, which is made at Vetrart.

Ferroluce ( is another company from the Veneto region that declares a great commitment to the Italian craftsmanship and art tradition. They specialize in the production of lamps, which they make with great care in the selection of materials, with respect for simplicity and love for ancient values. They feel that this feeling of bygone times still belongs to them and they want to capture it in lamps, recreating the unique atmosphere, style and elegance in every home, restaurant and hotel.

Siru ( – a company that rediscovers the lamp production of the legendary masters of the Murano Islands, the islands near Venice that are best known for their glass production. They combine modern and classic styles when designing new lamps as well as beautiful Venetian lanterns. Siru elegantly designs the lines and effects of light without neglecting the good use of technology. They create custom designs for clients as well as lamps for hotels and shops, both for indoor and outdoor use.

We invite you to the Trade Show Light! January 26 – 28, 2022, Warsaw Expo XXI