Creative contest for young designers and architects:

LAMP in a geometric image


The subject of the competition work is to design a lighting fixture or the entire lighting system in geometric forms. These can be geometric figures as well as geometric solids (polyhedrons, cones, cylinders, spheres, ellipsoids, toruses, etc.). The choice of the proposed geometric forms should be justified, and the possibility of their variability and transformability should be anticipated. You can also propose modular solutions. Geometric forms should be linked with the lighting function they are supposed to fulfill.

The jury expects unconventional design solutions for lighting fixtures or entire lighting systems that will complement the interior design of various nature and purpose.


The competition task is to design a lighting device in a geometric form. It can be the entire lighting system, as well as one lighting fixture, pendant lamp, standing lamp or any lighting element with an innovative function and geometric form.

The designer should take into account not only the visual effect, sensation and lighting function, but also the safety of use related to the possibility of direct touch. LED sources should be used as the light source and the way of their power supply should be planned.

The project should go beyond the limits of typical thinking about the role and possibilities of illuminating surfaces, spaces and objects in architecture, interior design and design.


The competition is organized by the Polish Lighting Industry Association in cooperation with the Agencja SOMA – the organizer of the International Trade Show LIGHT and Silesian architectural studios: Goczołowie Architekci Studio Autorskie and Pracownia OVO Grąbczewscy.


The winners of the competition receive cash prizes.

The works of the winners and finalists are presented at the post-competition exhibition accompanying the International Trade Show of Lighting Equipment LIGHT.

The sponsor and founder of the Awards are lighting companies. In addition to cash prizes, the projects selected by the Jury will be produced in the form of a prototype. The prototype of the awarded design will be prepared and presented at the International Trade Show of Lighting Equipment LIGHT.