International Trade Show of Lighting Equipment LIGHT


LIGHT is permanently inscribed in the calendar of trade shows both in Poland and abroad. The mission of the industry education, which for years guided the organizers, resulted in the emergence of a new quality on the Polish market map.

LIGHT is not only the largest branch lighting trade event in Central and Eastern Europe, but also the only industry event in Poland that combine the presentation of the latest products with the training concept.


  • architectural lighting
  • technical and commercial area lighting
  • housing and decorative lighting
  • outdoor lighting
  • emergency and safety lighting
  • stage and event lighting, disco lights, screens and displays
  • professional light sources
  • power, control and optical systems, components
  • software
  • others

In 2019, meetings were attended by over 1,100 trade professionals: architects, electrical engineers, surveillance inspectors, installers and representatives of local authorities, road and energy management.

Representatives of various sectors and professions have the opportunity to confront practical knowledge with the producers’ offer presented at the exhibition. Manufacturers and distributors present the equipment and technologies that allow to reduce energy consumption, especially electricity.

The sector devoted to LED technology meets great interest. Many of the proposed solutions had their premiere during LIGHT.

LIGHT Trade Show is combined with the OPEN INTERIOR – a zone specially designed by architect Justyna Smolec. Within the zone, producers and architects inform how to design the space wisely, knowing that it has a significant impact on life. The name of the zone suggests the openness of the mind in dialogue. The products that fill this space suggests openness in thinking about a human being.

What distinguishes LIGHT from other trade events?


  • trainings and seminars accompanying the exhibition
  • the ability to conduct training lectures, both by large market players and smaller companies with innovative solutions
  • selected group of visitors: architects and designers, specialists responsible for investments in industrial and office construction, as well as public and local government investments, developers, manufacturers of LED luminaires and systems, senior technical supervision staff

LIGHT facts:


  • rich program of training meetings for nearly 2,000 participants
    effective way of presenting products, technologies and solutions
    guarantee of gaining clients and establishing new business relations
    reaching the offer of over 150,000 specialists via our email campaigns
  • the possibility of establishing contacts with contractors from outside the EU
  • shows and competitions for exhibitors and visitors
  • a wide promotion of Exhibitors’ fair and new products
  • at the same time, the ELECTICITY Fair and the TELECOMMUNICATION Exhibition will take place

LIGHT Fair is aimed at:


  • designers and architects
  • investors
  • persons responsible for investments in office and residential construction
  • developers
  • producers and distributors
  • representatives of local government authorities
  • wholesale and distribution representatives